Old Days
It’s been a long time since last time I wrote something that doesn’t relate to scholar, program in high school.

I miss the old days, when I stayed up till 2 or 3 o’clock writing some compositions that I like .

I miss the old days, when we rode bike and said goodbye to each other every day.

I miss the old days, when we do sports exercise every day.

I miss the old days, when we are not just a collection of classmates or a collection of boys and girls,but we are a team , an A team , a team that couldn’t be defeated.

I miss the old days, when you cheer me up when I am down. you’d always like to make phone call or text to me when I don’t have a hope on everything.

I can well remember we have celebrated your birthdays and mine .We never forget picking up gifts.

I can well remember how we pushed each other to be better.

I will not forget the milk tea shop we went, the computer game we played together ,the problems we discussed.

The moments we spent together are unforgettable. The joy we made ,the sorrow we faced ,the challenges we faced ,the secrets we kept for each other. These sort of things would be engraved on my mind.

Thank you my old friends. Even now we are separated in different parts of the country , I’d like to make conference call with you guys no matter how much it will cost, cause I need you.

I hope we will be friends forever.

Looking forward to the vocation.